Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Old Florida Flame Vines

The flame vines seem to be particularly beautiful this year including the one that has enveloped the tree above. They always remind me of the old Florida my family moved to in 1955. They were a lot more prevalent then including on the old linen postcards of that era:

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Anonymous said...

I just finished reading, the article by Tom Maccubbin (and You!!) Feb. 3rd, Orlando Sentinel.

Wanting to know more about you, I did a search for your Herb Farm, and was very thankful to find the site and this blog.

Growing up on the east coast, we would visit my grandmothers home regularly. Mom would park by the street, outside the fence, and we would have to get around to the gate to see if Gramma was home. The fence was covered in what we called "Flame Vine".

I was married in November and moved to my husbands home in Punta Gorda. I'm living in a "Fish Bowl", and wished I could find some Flame Vine to grow on the fence between our home and the neighbors to one side. I remember how fast it would grow, and seemed to need very little nurturing.

You can probably imagine how amazed I was to open your blog and see the picture of the Flame Vine covering a tree.

I feel it is simply fate that I would make a connection with you.

I've read all the entries to this blog and will now be a faithful reader.

My Great-Grandmother was a Florist near Boston Mass. As small children we would go Mass to visit and spend weeks of the summer. I was in heaven in her greenhouses, as I am now in my own garden. My daughter told me I should paint a sign that says "Nana's Garden". I'm now a grandmother of Three.

Thank You for not giving up on this blog, and being an inspiration for me.

Kimmie Correll