Tuesday, July 25, 2006

2005 Mount Dora Garden Tour Garden #3

I said earlier that garden #2 was my favorite, but I think maybe THIS is my favorite. I love the energy and creativeness of #2, but I think this garden (and cottage house) is the one I would love to live in day to day.

The perfect cottage entrance.

We were greeted by Betty Boop…

and a basket of flowers. I love the skyvine, seen frequently around Mount Dora.

Mosaic stepping stones…

with an herbal theme!

The writing was on the wall along with ivy and a window box.

We got to see not just the garden, but the house, too. Here's a wonderful blue and white porch. Such soft colors and the sunlight coming through the windows - sublime. Wouldn’t you just love to curl up here with a book?

Another artist had been painting across the street.

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