Friday, July 21, 2006

A Return to Blogging: 2005 Mount Dora Garden Tour Garden #1

Like a lot of bloggers, I got real excited when I first set up my blog but soon found it soaked up more precious time than I had expected and after only a handful of entries I stopped writing. I still like the idea, however, and am determined to give it another try.

Last November I took the Second Annual Mount Dora Garden Tour presented by the Lakes and Hills Garden Club. I took my big 2 megapixel floppy-disc-using first-generation-digital Sony Mavica camera and managed to take a few pictures at each of the 6 stops. Luckily I’ve since upgraded to a Fuji F-10 6.3 megapixel so I’m hoping pictures of subsequent trips and garden studies will be better. That’s my plan: to photograph and write about my own garden and about other nurseries, herb farms, herb shops, garden shops, herb fairs, butterfly farms, public and private gardens, herb society meetings and garden tours I visit/attend.

So to start, here was garden #1 on the 2005 Mount Dora Garden Tour:

This house and garden was on Sheridan Road in the Sylvan Shores area. First to greet us was a cheerful painted mailbox and you can see the Garden Club volunteers manning the ticket table in the background.

The house is named “Tudorville”. I like the idea of naming houses and they’ve made a cute sign.

Most of the gardens had an artist painting the gardens and homes. A great idea! Did they do that last year, too?

There were a number of paintings throughout the garden. This one blends right into the foliage.

Lots more paintings and a bench to sit on and contemplate.

A number of garden sculptures, too, from a traditional St Fiacre statue to funky modern flamingoes.

Stop number two tomorrow.

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