Thursday, August 10, 2006

2005 Mount Dora Garden Tour Garden #6

I haven't posted for several days. My old monitor has been getting slowly darker and darker until it had reached a point where I could hardly read anything and trying to adjust the brightness and color on Photoshop had become impossible. It was one of those incremental things like gaining weight where you suddenly think to yourself "I think I've gained weight" only to weigh yourself and discover that you've gained 20 pounds little by little over months without realizing it. Anyway, it lasted a long time, that Gateway 2000 monitor that came with my first computer in 1994. In fact, I liked it so much that when I purchased a new computer several years ago, I kept the old monitor because I really loved the screen. So remembering that I had seen one just like it at the Bible School Thrift Shop down the street some time ago, I paid them a visit and ta-da I have my same monitor. It's not as pristine on the outside as my old one but it has the same great screen and best of all: $10. Obviously I'm not one of those people that needs the latest gadgets.

So now on to the last garden of the 2005 Mount Dora Garden Tour. The floppy disc gave up the first few pictures but then started making weird noises, so I only have a few pictures:

2005 Garden Tour Grdn6 no1
The front yard was nice and shady with a perfectly placed vintage iron garden bench...

2005 Garden Tour Grdn6 no2
which the painter had also found interesting.

2005 Garden Tour Grdn6 no3
The backyard of this downtown Mount Dora house was a tropical jungle

2005 Garden Tour Grdn6 no4
with a huge fish pond

2005 Garden Tour Grdn6 no5
and lots of fish.

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