Friday, August 18, 2006

The Stink Bug

This weekend in Mount Dora: an art car show featuring highly (and permanently) decorated cars. This afternoon I had a customer drive up in one of the entries. At first glance Goldenrod artist Carolyn Stapleton's VW Bug looks like it's been covered with light and dark pieces of bamboo in patterns that are similar to marquetry. But on closer inspection, it's not wood, it's CIGARETTE BUTTS!! Carolyn's car, named The Stink Bug, features thousands of brown and cream cigarette butts attached with silicone adhesive in patterns that include the phrase "stop in the name of lungs" on the top and "", her website , on the back.

I hadn't planned to go to the show, but now that I've seen Carolyn's car I really have to see the others. Since the show hours on Saturday and Sunday coincide with my store hours, I'll just have to open a bit late on Sunday. I'll take my camera and have more pictures Sunday night.

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hdhouse said...

a wonderous site susan..